Pike The first Advertising platform for Augmented Reality Apps

So as some of you might know, the startup bus competition has started once more.
Startupbus is an annual competition designed to empower the tech community - challenging top tier talent to hop on a bus and conceive, build and launch a startup in 72 hours.

You might be wondering why I'm writing this article, well I competed in the startupbus competition last year and have been following the progress quite closely.

This when I noticed a new startup submerging from the Belgium bus named Pike. So what is their goal exactly? Well it's all related to augmented reality applications. They are becoming quite the trend these days, just look at pokémon go. Who expected that the app would have made such an impact on the world.

That is why Pike's goal is to be the first advertising platform for augmented reality applications.

So why is this any different from location based advertising?
Well Pike will provide more relevant and less annoying ads to the end user, since they're smoothly integrated in the environment and users are really looking at a specific location.

If this has 'piked' your interest, you are able to support them by signing up for their beta!

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Tom Buyse
My name is Tom Buyse. I work for Bewire in Belgium. My primary focus is front-end development, which currently mostly involves Angular, Angular 2 and Ionic.
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