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So as some of you might know, the startup bus competition has started once more. Startupbus is an annual competition designed to empower the tech community - challenging top tier talent to hop on a bus and conceive, build and »

Creating a loading indicator in Angular 2 (Ionic 2)

So Angular 2 has reached beta and is making some good progress to release candidate. I thought it was time to start playing with the AngularJS successor. So I decided to create an Ionic 2 application (two frameworks with one »

Component driven development in AngularJS

Lately you've probably been hearing a lot about components. All the popular frameworks are using the term (React, Angular, Polymer, ...). But why and what does it mean exactly? And are we able to use this concept in Angular 1 already? »

Accessing input properties in a component class (Angular 2)

So I’ve been experimenting with Angular 2 recently and came across a problem that I decided was worth sharing the solution of. Imagine you want to build an Angular 2 component that needs to have two input properties passed »

Improving the performance of your Ionic application

Performance has always been and still is the major concern of hybrid apps. Ionic however has already shown that it’s possible to make high performance hybrid apps, but there are sometimes still some optimisations necessary to smooth out any »